What's New

So how will you know what's changed each time you visit the site? This page will tell you!

February 7, 2005

Added info on how to use the "check engine light" method for reading computer codes from your Wrangler in the resource section.

October 3, 2003
I needed to verify the gear ratio on an axle I purchased and learned how easy it is to tell absolutely what the gear ratio is. I put the formula in the Calculations and Formula item under the resource section. It's simple - divide pinion gear tooth count by the ring gear tooth count.

September 29, 2003
I just added a link to our new site that covers adding an onboard mist system to Jeeps in the resource section.

September 8, 2003
Added various important calculations on a new page in the resource section.

Apr 19, 2003
As I mentioned on the front page, the membership system I had been using wasn't working as well as I'd hoped it would so I'm nixing it for now. So at least for now, you don't need to "signup" to become a member. It was always free anyway but hopefully this will make it easier. You still need to signup for the message board (like most sites) but it's all automated.

Feb 26, 2003
Please make sure you read the special note about the Jeeper in Delaware who was seriously injured when his sport bar collapsed.

Also, I finally added my notes on installing a newer factory sport bar in an 87-92 YJ in the articles section.

Dec 3, 2002
Well happy holidays to everyone. I just added the engine specifications page and an engine service codes page to the resources section. Remember to post any questions you have on the message board. The board doesn't have many posts but questions are usually answered quickly and as the board receives more posts there should be more involvement. Current membership count: 1,163!

Nov 4, 2002
I added the DC (DaimlerChrysler) Recall phone number to the resource section. Call them and make sure they have your current address or you won't get recall notices. They told me they don't find out current addresses from DMV. They can tell you all kinds of neato info about your Jeep, too.

Oct 10, 2002
I did mentioned I was moving, right? Sorry for the lack of updates but I check the message board about everyday so it's not like the site is being neglected :-). Believe it or not I'm still unpacking from the move back to Arizona which actually happened last month. I haven't done much to our Jeep since I have to setup a new workshop. So first on my agenda is setting up the workbench and bringing in a few new tools. Around the same time I'll be adding rock lights. Actually (I like the word "actually") next weekend I'm getting together with some good Jeep people for a "kill switch clinic". So many Jeeps are stolen here in the Phoenix area we decided to install our kill switches in one day. I'll take pics and write up a report when we're done.

By the way, as of this minute we have 996 members!

Aug 3, 2002
Put some info on replacing an oxygen sensor in the resources section and in the forum. Actually, the resources section has the specs and the forum has a brief how-to. It's easy to do, really. The how-to is in the articles section, also.

Jul 14, 2002
I FINALLY got the member forum up! Unfortunately I have to add all of you by hand, one at a time, so I only have about 100 members added right now. I'll add more of you tonight. Someday maybe I'll have time to make it so when you register as a member you are automatically added to the forum. For new members, I'll get around to you as soon as possible but if you want to post in the forum and your username and password aren't working, register in the forum and you'll instantly have access to be able to post and reply, etc. Oh and when I say "forum" I really mean "message board" which is how this section appears in our menu above.

Jul 4, 2002
Happy 4th of July to our American members! This early AM I added a page entitled Other Replacement Parts Specifications where I cover a few specs that would have been helpful to me in the last few days. I broke a rear pinion yoke and decided to replace it with one that allows me to use stronger u-bolts instead of those stupid baby bolts. I'll write an article to explain more but there are some specs. Also, we're officially at 607 members and growing! Man I need to get cracking on site mods. I did mention I do this only as a hobby, right? That's why all the site updates seem to happen at 1 AM or so. :-)

Jun 20, 2002
555 members right this second and growing! I just added a new article about mounting a handheld GPS in your Wrangler. Granted I only have one picture up but more pictures should be in shortly - like this weekend I hope. Man I need a digital camera.

May 19, 2002
447 members and growing! I just added some pics to the fuel filter install report. I have some more but need to scan and size them. Also added a link to geocaching.com in our resources section. If you have a Jeep and a GPS unit, visit their website to find another neat hobby. We know a couple of Jeepers who are doing this now and love it. We just started and are having a great time!

April 14, 2002
Our 350th member joined today! In the member listing, there aren't many people listed because hardly anyone sends me a picture of their Jeep to post. Send me a pic and I'll post it! Also tell me if you have a website and I'll add that next to your name. Yeah, it's lame that I need to add everyone manually but I'll do it until I have an automated interface added.

April 13, 2002
I added a new member w/pic and Wrangler Accident Results to the Resource Page. Everyone wants to know how safe the Wrangler is (me too) so here is where you'll find pictures of wrecked Wranglers. It's sad but hopefully we'll all learn something. Have pictures to share? Please email them to me at bill@jeepwranglerclub.com along with the story about what happened. I also, of course, added this What's New page.