> Adding an onboard misting system to your Jeep (external link)

> Calculations and Formulas (for calculating current gear ratio, speed, etc.)

> Wrangler Accident Results (pictures and stories)

> YJ 4x4 Vacuum Map

> Wrangler Maintenance Schedules
          > With 4.2L I6 Carbuerated
          > With 4.0L I6 Fuel Injected
          > With 2.5L I4 Fuel Injected
          > With 2.4L I4 Fuel Injected

> Engine Specifications (all engines)

> Engine Service Codes and how to read codes

> Tire Size/Lift Chart

> 1997-2003 Wrangler (TJ) Frequently Asked Questions (external link)

> Fluid Specifications (types and capacities)

> Other Replacement Parts Specifications

> Have a Jeep and a GPS unit? Try Geocaching.

> DaimleyChrysler Jeep Recall Phone Number (have your VIN handy): 800-853-1403
          > Find out if your Jeep needs any recall work
          > Find out what warranty work your Jeep has had done (good tool if you bought your Jeep used)
          > Update the record on file for that VIN - they need your new address.