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Welcome to the member section! Right now, member listings are added manually so your listing may not show up right away. Yeah, I'm working on this but I don't have much spare time right now.

I just added this interface so unfortunately there aren't many articles to start. As such, the message board is also new. A LOT of YJ and TJ owners have emailed me expressing an interest in the site so I have no doubt the site will grow quickly.

This site is free but it does cost something to run. Please visit our sponsor web pages so I can cover my expenses. My intention isn't to make money with the site, just cover expenses. This is a labor of love/hobby.

* Disclaimer: Specifications/descriptions/data provided for informational purposes only. If it's important, make sure you consult with an authorized Jeep mechanic/factory service center. The site operator claims no responsibility for damage or losses incurred as a result of using information posted here.

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